Edno School: Methodology

At Edno School we try our best to get to know each student and acknowledge his or her learning needs and style.

Principles that guide us:

  • Small groups (4-8 people) for our general courses. This way we ensure that your learning needs will be taken into consideration.
  • Personalised Student-Centred Lessons. We have a plan of what and when we want to teach. However, what and when you want/need to learn takes priority as long as it is achievable in language terms.
  • Focus on Speaking. We try to allow plenty of time for speaking in each session. If you are a complete beginner, this may be challenging in the beginning. But step by step you’ll get there!
  • Dedicated Teachers. Our teachers truly care about and love what they do. You can sign up for a free demo lesson in Bulgarian and see for yourself.
  • Flexible Approach. Our teachers apply contemporary language teaching techniques in the classroom. The unique group of students determines the pace and the teaching approach the teacher will use.
  • Language and Cultural Input. We believe that it’s best to link the Bulgarian language and culture whenever possible. This includes slang, different regions, historical events, literature and anything that can help our students understand the language context better.
  • Cultural Events. As a part of our students’ training we organize at least one cultural event per month. Usually, these events are connected to national holidays happening in that month. For example, we have had a Traditional Bulgarian Christmas Dinner in December and a visit to the Rose Picking Festival in Kazanlak in May.
  • Online Learning Tools. We try keep the balance between preserving the Bulgarian language and culture and following the technological development. At the moment we are using a few apps which allow you to practice new language at your own pace and time!
  • Support for Newcomers. We try to help out our students whenever possible. This includes urgent translation, assistance with administrative procedures, interpretations, useful advice, etc.