If you want to be able to speak Bulgarian in a natural and confident way, you may want to check our Speak Bulgarian language course.

Currently, this course is available for the first two levels – A1 and A2. The course was designed as a follow-up to our beginner’s course. The aims of the Speak Bulgarian course are:

  • to allow our students to use the language in a safe and fun environment
  • to provide extra practice of all main topics through games and role play
  • to serve as a diagnostic tool for what our students need to work on
  • to focus on natural and accurate pronunciation
  • to provide clarification on vocabulary and grammar where needed
  • to prepare the students for the next level
  • to increase the students’ confidence when using the language
Speak Bulgarian Language Course

Our Speak Bulgarian Language Course is addressed to students who:

•    have completed our beginner’s course
•    have some basic knowledge in Bulgarian
•    have studied the language before but you lack oral practice
•    want to sign up for our A2 course but haven’t done any of our courses

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