Edno School offers an intensive Bulgarian language course especially designed for people who have just arrived to Sofia and have never studied the language before.

The course allows people to get familiar with Sofia and provides practical information on restaurants, administrative places, places of interest in the city, Vitosha mountain routes and useful info and many others.

The main focus is on mastering the basics as soon as possible so that you can order food in a restaurant, call a taxi, buy food from street markets, ask and answer simple questions and read and write Cyrillic.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for our intensive Bulgarian language course:

  • 20 hours of high quality language training in Bulgarian
  • 20 hours of cultural experience – 1 full day field trip and 1 full day of exploring Sofia and Vitosha*
  • a lot of practice using the key language in the classroom and support using it in real situations
  •  groups of 6-12 people
  • all materials included
  • online resources throughout and after the course
  • assistance in settling in Sofia
  • a certificate for completing a Bulgarian language course
  • recommendations and tips for future study
Intensive Bulgarian Language Course

* The food in restaurants and your personal expenses are not included.

If you complete our Intensive Bulgarian Language Course, you get 20% discount on your next course.

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