Our school acknowledges the need of online training in Bulgarian language. Currently, we are using some user friendly apps which allow our students to practice the new language at their own pace and time. Our goal is to create a complete online course in Bulgarian by the autumn of 2017.

Until then, if you are interested in learning Bulgarian online, we offer Skype lessons.

The structure of the online lesson resembles our 1-2-1 lessons. Our 1-2-1 students usually hear Bulgarian every day which helps them pick up the language faster. This is not possible if you live outside Bulgaria and for this reason we encourage our online students to listen to Bulgarian music, the radio, watch TV programmes and TV series in Bulgarian.

Technical requirements for learning Bulgarian online:

  • a web cam
  • stable Internet connection
  • a headset (microphone and headphones)
Bulgarian online

Bulgarian Online: Additional info

If you are interested, you can contact us to arrange your free demo lesson on Skype.

As our student, you are entitled to 10% off any course you sign up for after learning Bulgarian online with Edno School.

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