Bulgarian Language Course for Teenagers

Student Age: 12-17
Language levels: A1 to B1
Class size: 4-8 students

Teaching approach: project work, presentations, games, learning apps, help with school preparation
If you are aged 12 to 17 and are interested in learning or improving your Bulgarian, then this is the right course for you!
Edno School offers courses in Bulgarian language for teenagers for levels A1 to B1. The class size is 4-8 people and the classes focus on developing understanding and speaking through project work, presentations, games and a wide variety of classroom activities. Each course covers the required grammar and vocabulary; however, depending on the needs of the group, we prepare tailor-made activities and select the topics, which will be most useful to the students.

With the higher levels (A2.2 and B1) we provide help with school assignments and topics by explaining challenging language and discussing the topic in detail. This way the learning is not restricted to the language level – it also enables students to explore different subjects and areas such as literature, history, geography, computers, music and arts, biology and many others.

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Course fee: 380 BGN

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