Bulgarian Language Courses for Medical Students

Many ambitious young people from all over the world decide to pursue a medical degree in Bulgaria. Among the many reasons for their choice are the low cost of living and the affordable tuition fees. The main reason, however, is the internationally recognized diploma. Finally yet importantly, Bulgaria is a place, which offers great food, wonderful nature and rich traditions. It also has its own language – Bulgarian. As incredible and curious it is people often struggle with it. Studying medicine in Bulgaria means that the students will have to communicate with Bulgarian patients, doctors and nurses. Moreover, there is a written and a practical exam in Bulgarian as a part of the students’ training.

Edno School has developed an efficient program in Medical Bulgarian delivered by a qualified and experienced doctor who is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Russian. His name is Dr. Karen Matevosyan.

The course in Bulgarian for students of Medicine is available to students who have at least B1 level of Bulgarian. The lessons are designed especially for the Medical University Students and strictly follow the structure and requirements they have in the syllabus. The first couple of sessions of the Medical Bulgarian course introduce the key vocabulary for each system. Then they focus on the structure, functions and diseases of the system in question. The final part of the lesson is a case study, done as a role play where one student is the patient and another one – the doctor. The discussions and questions are led by the teacher, who is also a qualified and experienced doctor. This way the students actually reinforce what they already know and learn it directly in Bulgarian. The end of the course is dedicated to extensive revision and a mock exam in Bulgarian.

Each course is 36 hours and is delivered over a period of 9 weeks. An intensive option is also possible.
Course fee: 360 BGN ( approximately 180 euro)

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