Edno School focuses on developing and delivering high quality courses in Bulgarian for foreigners.

Before enrolling in a course, every student does a short placement test. We discuss the results and your goals and needs and then offer a suitable option. There are six levels you can do with Edno School. They correspond to the six levels of CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The table below shows how these three levels of Bulgarian for foreigners, The Basics, Intermediate and Proficiency, are broken down into the actual CEFR levels. The general description is actually what you will be able to do after completing a level. To master a level completely, most students need between 80 and 90 hours of practice.


General description

Basic User



Can communicate in basic Bulgarian with the help
of the listener; Can use Cyrillic effectively



Can communicate in Bulgarian within a limited
range of contexts

Independent User



Can communicate essential points and ideas in
familiar contexts



Can use Bulgarian effectively, with some fluency,
in a range of contexts

Proficient User



Can use Bulgarian fluently and flexibly in a wide
range of contexts



Highly proficient – can use Bulgarian very
fluently, precisely and sensitively in most contexts

The Basics (Beginner A1 and Pre-Intermediate A2)

This level is for you if you:

  • have never studied Bulgarian before
  • have lived in Bulgaria for some time and have picked up key words and phrases
  • have studied on your own and haven’t had much/any practice
  • know conversational Bulgarian for everyday situations but you want to improve and learn more
Bulgarian for foreigners: Beginners course

In this level we introduce Bulgarian for foreigners through language input sessions on practical and everyday topics. The goal is to enable our learners to use the new language as soon as they leave the classroom. Even though we encourage our learners to speak only Bulgarian from lesson one, we still rely on English when necessary.

Intermediate (Intermediate B1 and Upper-Intermediate B2)

This level is for you if you:

  • have completed A2 level
  • don’t need another language to communicate with the local people
  • have a good foundation of spoken and written Bulgarian
  • need extra practice in Bulgarian
  • are getting ready for your Bulgarian citizenship language exam
Bulgarian for foreigners: Intermediate course

In this level we use your previous knowledge to achieve more complicated language tasks such as debates, projects, discussions on current affairs, Bulgarian literature, writing styles, presentations and many others. Whenever a language error is present, we prepare an input session on that grammar or vocabulary topic. There is a clear focus on speaking and pronunciation in the classroom and the role of the teacher is to be the facilitator. The students are expected to contribute to the classes with their own knowledge and analysis of language as well as doing individual work at home. We speak only Bulgarian during these lessons.

Proficiency (Advanced C1 and Proficiency C2)

This level is for you if you:

  • have completed B2 level
  • are fluent in Bulgarian and you need the language for work or your studies
  • are interested in Bulgarian literature and history
  • are planning on becoming a teacher of Bulgarian for foreigners
Bulgarian for foreigners: Proficiency course

This level is for anyone who is determined to take their Bulgarian to a higher level. The lessons are mostly workshops and lectures lead by professionals. There is little focus on grammar as one of the requirements for enrolling in this course is to be able to use Bulgarian grammar correctly. The learners are given an opportunity to master the language through learning different subjects in Bulgarian.

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