We are well aware that there are some people who cannot commit to group classes for various reasons. We want to provide the opportunity for them to learn Bulgarian language at their own pace.

Our 1-2-1 lessons are extremely flexible because you can choose:

  • what days and times you have the lessons
  • where you have the lessons – our office or your own location
  • how long the sessions are
  • how frequently you have them
  • what your personal goals are
  • what the teaching approach is
Learn Bulgarian: 1-2-1 Bulgarian Online Lessons

1-2-1 Bulgarian Language course additional info:

Every 1-2-1 student:

  • has access to the school’s online materials on Bulgarian language
  • is welcome to join any cultural activity or event that the school organises
  • is entitled to 10% off any course

If you are considering choosing this option for learning Bulgarian language, please contact us. The first lesson is your demo lesson and is free of charge.

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