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Bulgarian Courses for Foreigners – 3 Level Course

Edno School focuses on developing and delivering high quality Bulgarian courses. Before enrolling in a course, every student does a short placement test. We discuss the results and your goals and needs and then offer a suitable option. There are six levels you can do with Edno School. They correspond to the six levels of CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Bulgarian for foreigners: Beginners Level

Bulgarian Courses: Beginner A1 & A2

In this level we introduce Bulgarian for foreigners through language input sessions on practical and everyday topics. More about Beginner A1 & A2…

Bulgarian courses for foreigners: Intermediate Level

Bulgarian Courses: Intermediate B1 & B2

In this level we use your previous knowledge to achieve more complicated language tasks such as debates, projects, discussions on current affairs, Bulgarian literature, writing styles, presentations and many others. More about Intermediate B1 & B2…

Bulgarian for foreigners: Proficiency Level

Bulgarian Courses: Proficiency C1 & C2

This level is for anyone who is determined to take their Bulgarian to a higher level. The lessons are mostly workshops and lectures lead by professionals. More about Proficiency C1 & C2…

‘Edno’ School: More Bulgarian Courses

Learn Bulgarian: Speak Bulgarian Language Course

Speak Bulgaria Language Course

If you want to be able to speak Bulgarian in a natural and confident way, you may want to check our Speak Bulgarian language course. More about the Speak Bulgarian course..

Learn Bulgarian Language: Intensive Course

Intensive Bulgarian Course

Edno School offers an intensive Bulgarian language course especially designed for people who have just arrived to Sofia and have never studied the language before. More about Intensive Bulgarian Language course..

Learn Bulgarian Language: Corporate Lessons

Corporate Bulgarian Course

Our corporate Bulgarian course is tailor-made and very flexible. It is suitable for companies that want to provide Bulgarian language training for their employees. More about the Corporate Bulgarian Course…

Learn Bulgarian: Bulgarian Online Lessons in Skype

Bulgarian Courses: 1-2-1

The Bulgarian lessons 1-2-1 are for people who cannot commit to group classes for various reasons. We want to provide the opportunity for them to learn Bulgarian language at their own pace. More about the Bulgarian Courses: 1-2-1…

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