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Learn Bulgarian Language in Sofia

Edno School is located in the heart of Sofia and offers a wide range of courses for everyone who wants to learn Bulgarian and explore the Bulgarian culture. The school was founded with the passion for teaching and the love for Bulgaria, its culture and language. The name ‘Edno’ means ‘one’. Learn more about Edno School..

Learn Bulgarian Language: Courses

Bulgarian for Foreigners – 3 Level Course

Learn Bulgarian: Beginners Level

Learn Bulgarian: Beginner A1 & A2

In this level we introduce Bulgarian for foreigners through language input sessions on practical and everyday topics. More about Beginner A1 & A2…

Learn Bulgarian: Intermediate Level

Learn Bulgarian: Intermediate B1 & B2

In this level we use your previous knowledge to achieve more complicated language tasks such as debates, projects, discussions on current affairs, Bulgarian literature, writing styles, presentations and many others. More about Intermediate B1 & B2…

Learn Bulgarian: Proficiency Level

Bulgarian Courses: Proficiency C1 & C2

This level is for anyone who is determined to take their Bulgarian to a higher level. The lessons are mostly workshops and lectures lead by professionals. More about Proficiency C1 & C2…

Learn Bulgarian Language: More Courses

Learn Bulgarian: Speak Bulgarian Language Course

Learn Bulgarian: Speak Bulgarian Course

If you want to be able to speak Bulgarian in a natural and confident way, you may want to check our Speak Bulgarian language course. More about the Speak Bulgarian course..

Learn Bulgarian Language: Intensive Course

Learn Bulgarian: Intensive Course

Edno School offers an intensive Bulgarian language course especially designed for people who have just arrived to Sofia and have never studied the language before. More about Intensive Bulgarian Language course..

Learn Bulgarian Language: Corporate Lessons

Learn Bulgarian: Corporate Course

Our corporate Bulgarian course is tailor-made and very flexible. It is suitable for companies that want to provide Bulgarian language training for their employees. More about the Corporate Bulgarian Course…

Learn Bulgarian: Bulgarian Online Lessons in Skype

Bulgarian Courses: 1-2-1

The Bulgarian lessons 1-2-1 are for people who cannot commit to group classes for various reasons. We want to provide the opportunity for them to learn Bulgarian language at their own pace. More about the Bulgarian Courses: 1-2-1…


New Bulgarian Courses!

Bulgarian for Medical Students

Learn Bulgarian: For Medical Students

Edno School has developed an efficient program in Medical Bulgarian delivered by a qualified and experienced doctor who is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Russian. More about Bulgarian Language course for medical students..

Bulgarian Language Course for Teenagers

Learn Bulgarian: For Teenagers

Edno School offers courses in Bulgarian language for teenagers for levels A1 to B1. The class size is 4-8 people and the classes focus on developing understanding and speaking through project work, presentations, games and a wide variety of classroom activities. More about Bulgarian Language course for Teens..

We Offer Also

Bulgarian Online Lessons

Using Skype

Learn Bulgarian online lessons using Skype


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    I followed the course Bulgarian for foreigners (beginners level) and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to continue in the next level!
    I would recommend Edno Learn Bulgarian School to everyone interested to learn Bulgarian.
    Sofia Tsenekidou
    I loved my experience in Edno school. The teaching is engaging and productive while the environment is very social and pleasant. Also the school offers all kinds of different social-cultural events once in awhile that are fun and let you practice bulgarian. Highly recommended.
    Timor Praag
    A great place to learn Bulgarian and find friends!
    danko Ch

    I’m more than happy about my experience at Edno School!
    They do everything to make you learn smoothly.
    Their educational approach is what suit me the best in my learning journey. 

    Siamène Jean Kado

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